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Design is many things to many people. But the best design is more than aethestics. Design is integrity. Design is foresight. Design is operational excellence.

The Design Is…Award celebrates a broad definition of design. We are seeking projects that push the envelope, make a statement, renovate the old and celebrate the new. Your stories, your images, and your definition of what design is will help our judges evaluate and select winning projects. Learn more about the program and enter your project below.

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The Shaw Contract Group Design Is… Award program is open to all professional interior design, architecture firms, and end users. Projects must feature Shaw Contract Group carpet as the predominant flooring in the space, and must have been completed between February 2008 and February 2010. All entries must submit high resolution digital photography of the project.

Winning projects will be promoted in Shaw Contract Group marketing materials, media outreach and in an advertising campaign in leading A&D publications. A $2,000 student scholarship through IIDA will be awarded in the firm’s name. Award winners also will receive a beautifully designed sculpture inspired by Bruce Mau.

Judges for the Design Is… Award represent the leading voice of design to the community. They are advocates for design, believers in the solutions it presents. This group will evaluate all project entries, consider the overall design context, and determine the best definition of what design is.


Douglas is a design director at Gensler, a global architecture, design, planning and consulting firm. With a career spanning two decades in the worlds of finance and design, he brings international experience to his projects. His projects include California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Fosters Wine Estates Americas, UBS Private Wealth Management, Silver Lake Partners, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Susan is a senior consultant to Fanning Howey, a nationally-recognized firm specializing in the planning and design of education and community complexes, with particular emphasis on sustainability. Susan is a member of the International Interior Design Association, and a past Board Member of the IIDA Ohio Regional Chapter Board.

Suzen is the director of design + construction at Hackensack University Medical Center. She is responsible for all design, construction, and renovation projects at HUMC. Suzen has been a contract interior design for over 20 years, and has served HUMC for the past 14 years. As an advocate in healthcare and environmental design organizations, Suzen promotes environmentally responsible, supportive healthcare design to enhance patient and family experience.

Karen’s expertise encompasses corporate, legal, institutional, healthcare, and science and technology spaces. Her notable projects include Atlanta City Hall, Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and The Carter Center, Bell South Midtown Campus Interiors, and Equifax Headquarters Interiors. Most recently, Karen was senior vice president and director of interior design at Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum.

Joey is founder of Shimoda Design Group, a studio founded on a multi-disciplined platform that seeks to bring quality design, innovation and technical excellence in projects of every scale. Joey also participates in symposiums and student reviews at USC, UCLA, SCI-ARC, Art Center and Woodbury University, and he is a board member of the board of directors for the Los Angeles Chapter of the AIA.

Cheryl Durst is the executive vice president and CEO of the International Interior Design Association. She guides the efforts of the 14,000 member association while implementing policies and procedures related to the group’s finances. As the moderator of the Design Is… Award judges, Cheryl will guide the judging process as the panel reviews each entry for its design story.

Entry Form

We understand that carpet was only one part of your complex project. We are looking for stories that describe how our products fit into the bigger picture. Judges will consider the overall design of the space, but the context is up to you. Categories of distinction will be identified by the judges based on how design is defined through the unique challenges, processes and results of the work.

Let us know how you redefined design through your project. To enter, please complete the form below. February 28, 2009 is your last opportunity for project submissions. There is no cost to enter.

Entrant Information

Section must be complete to save entry.

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    Project Information 项目信息 Informations relatives au projet Información del proyecto Informações do projeto

    * project name *项目名称 *nom du projet *nombre del proyecto *nome do projeto * city *城市 *ville *ciudad *cidade * state / prov *州/省 *état/province *estado/provincia *estado/província * country *国家/地区 *pays *país *país
    * project type *项目类型 *type de projet *tipo de proyecto *tipo de projeto budget (USD, numbers only) 预算(美元,仅填入数字) Budget (en USD, montant seulement) Presupuesto (USD, cifras únicamente) Orçamento (somente números, US$) * project completion date
    *项目完工日期 *date d'achèvement du projet *fecha de finalización del proyecto *data de conclusão do projeto
    * Shaw Products Used:
    *所使用的 Shaw 产品
    *produits Shaw utilisés :
    *Productos de Shaw utilizados:
    *produtos Shaw usados:
    Product Used 所使用的产品 Produit utilisé Producto utilizado Produto usado Yardage / Square Meters 平方码/平方米 Métrage/superficie en mètres carrés Yardas/metros cuadrados Metragem
    LEED Certified Project: LEED 认证项目 Certification LEED du projet Proyecto con certificación LEED Projeto com certificação LEED  

    Client Information 客户信息 Informations du client Información del cliente Informações do cliente

    contact name 联系人姓名 nom de la personne-ressource nombre de contacto nome do contato phone 电话 numéro de téléphone teléfono telefone e-mail 电子邮件 adresse courriel correo electrónico e-mail

    Design Statement 设计陈述 Énoncé du design Descripción del diseño Descrição do design

    * Please write a short statement (250 words or less). *请撰写一份简短陈述(不多于 250 字)。 *Veuillez écrire un court énoncé (250 mots ou moins). *Escriba una descripción breve (250 palabras o menos). *Escreva uma descrição breve (250 palavras ou menos).
    How did you design innovative solutions to meet the client's project objectives? Please share the impact of your design and the unique stories that relay how your work defines great design.
    您如何设计出富有创意的解决方案,来满足客户对项目的预期? 请分享您的设计所带来的影响,以及您的作品如何定义了伟大的设计。 Comment vos solutions de design innovatrices ont-elles répondu aux objectifs du projet du client? Veuillez expliquer en quoi votre travail définit ce qu'est du grand design et l'impact qu'a eu votre projet.
    ¿Cómo diseñó soluciones innovadoras para cumplir con los objetivos del proyecto del cliente? Comparta el impacto de su diseño y las historias únicas que transmiten cómo su trabajo define al diseño extraordinario.
    Como você elaborou soluções inovadoras para atender aos objetivos do projeto do cliente? Compartilhe o impacto do seu design e as histórias singulares que transmitem a forma como seu trabalho define a excelência em design.
    * Please write a short statement (250 words or less).

    Shaw Contract Group Design Is...Award entries will be evaluated on the overall design of the space, however we'd like to know how our product contributed to the project. Please explain the flooring's contribution to your design objectives.

    *请撰写一份简短陈述(不多于 250 字)。

    评委将根据空间的整体设计来评估 Shaw Contract Group "设计诠释"竞赛的参赛作品;尽管如此,我们仍希望了解我们的产品对整个项目的影响。请阐述地板是如何帮助您实现设计目标的。

    *Veuillez écrire un court énoncé (250 mots ou moins).

    Les participations au prix Design Is... de Shaw Contract Group seront évaluées en fonction du design général de l'espace; toutefois, nous aimerions savoir comment notre produit a contribué au projet. Veuillez expliquer en quoi le recouvrement de plancher a contribué aux objectifs de votre design.

    *Escriba una descripción breve (250 palabras o menos).

    Las inscripciones del premio Design Is... de Shaw Contract Group se evaluarán según el diseño general del espacio; sin embargo, queremos saber cómo nuestro producto contribuyó al proyecto. Explique el aporte del piso a sus objetivos de diseño.

    *Escreva uma descrição breve (250 palavras ou menos).

    As inscrições no Prêmio Design is...da Shaw Contract Group serão avaliadas levando em consideração o design do espaço em geral; entretanto, gostaríamos de saber como nossos produtos contribuíram para o projeto. Explique qual a contribuição do piso para seus objetivos de design.


    Project Visuals 项目图纸 Supports visuels du projet Elementos visuales del proyecto Material gráfico do projeto

    The visuals of your project should be representative of your design intent. Inclusion of a floorplan and exterior images is strongly recommended. Professional photography preferred. While Shaw Contract Group or Shaw Hospitality Group products must be used in the project to be eligible for the competition, all images do not need to feature these products.

    Please mail a CD of the high resolution digital project photography (jpeg preferred), your design statements, and floorplan to:

    项目图纸应当充分体现您的设计意图。强烈建议您提交一份平面图以及相关外景图。最好是专业摄影作品。项目中需使用 Shaw Contract Group 或 Shaw Hospitality Group 产品,否则不具备参赛资格;尽管如此,并非所有提交的图片都必须展示我们的产品。

    请将一份含高精度数码图片(最好为jpg 格式)、设计陈述和平面图的 CD 寄送至:

    Les supports visuels de votre projet doivent représenter l'objectif de votre design. Nous recommandons fortement d'inclure un plan d'étage et des images de l'extérieur. Nous préférons des photographies professionnelles. Des produits Shaw Contract Group ou Shaw Hospitality Group doivent être utilisés dans le projet pour que celui-ci soit admissible à la compétition; toutefois, ces produits n'ont pas à se retrouver sur toutes les photos.

    Veuillez envoyer un CD avec les photographies digitales en haute résolution (en format .jpg, de préférence), l'énoncé et le plan d'étage du projet à :

    Los elementos visuales del proyecto deben representar su intención de diseño. Se recomienda firmemente incluir un plano del piso e imágenes de exterior. Se prefieren fotografías profesionales. Los productos de Shaw Contract Group o Shaw Hospitality Group se deben utilizar en el proyecto a fin de que sea elegible para la competencia; sin embargo, no todas las imágenes enviadas deben mostrar estos productos.

    Envíe un CD con la fotografía digital de alta resolución del proyecto (se prefiere el formato jpg), sus descripciones de diseño y el plano del piso a:

    O material gráfico do seu projeto deve representar a intenção do seu design. A inclusão de uma planta baixa e imagens externas é altamente recomendada. Dê preferência a fotografias profissionais. Os produtos da Shaw Contract Group ou da Shaw Hospitality Group devem ser usados para que o projeto seja qualificável para a competição; entretanto, nem todas as imagens enviadas precisam apresentar tais produtos.

    Envie um CD com as fotografias digitais do projeto em alta resolução (formato jpg é preferível), sua descrição do design e a planta baixa para:

    For FedEx, UPS, DHL:
    Design is...Award (Attn: Julie Beth Fisher)
    410 Old Mill Road
    Cartersville, GA 30120

    For USPS:
    Shaw Industries, Inc.
    Design is...Award (Attn: Julie Beth Fisher)
    P.O. Drawer 2128
    Mail Drop 094-01
    Dalton, GA 30722

    For each photograph, please include:
    Description of photo
    Products used in the space, if applicable

    Optional: You may select the order in which judges view photos submitted for this project. Number the images in the sequence you would like them displayed.

    Photo submissions must also be postmarked by the February 27, 20157, March 2015 entry deadline.

    空间中所使用的 Shaw Contract Group 产品(如适用)


    照片必须于 2015 年 3 月 7 日(以邮戳日期为准)前寄出。

    Pour chacune des photos, veuillez inclure :
    Une description de la photo
    Les produits Shaw Contract Group utilisés, le cas échéant
    Optionnel : Vous pouvez choisir l'ordre dans lequel les juges verront vos photos. Veuillez numéroter les images dans l'ordre selon lequel vous aimeriez qu'elles soient présentées aux juges.

    La date limite d'envoi des photos est le 7 mars 2015, la date limite de soumission des projets, le cachet de la poste faisant foi.

    Para cada fotografía, incluya lo siguiente:
    Descripción de la fotografía
    Los productos de Shaw Contract Group utilizados en el espacio, si corresponde.

    Opcional: puede seleccionar el orden en que los jueces vean las fotos enviadas para este proyecto. Enumere las imágenes en la secuencia que le gustaría presentar a los jueces.

    El envío de las fotografías también debe tener sello del correo antes de que se cumpla el plazo de inscripción, el 7 de marzo de 2015.

    Para cada fotografia, inclua:
    Descrição da foto
    Os produtos da Shaw Contract Group usados no espaço, se aplicável
    Opcional: você pode selecionar a ordem na qual os jurados visualizarão as fotos enviadas para este projeto. Numere as imagens com a sequência na qual você gostaria de apresentá-las aos jurados.

    O envio das fotos também deve ter sido carimbado até o prazo final das inscrições de 7 de março de 2015.

    Photography Agreement 照片协议 Entente concernant les photographies Acuerdo de fotografía Consentimento fotográfico

     By checking this box I agree to allow Shaw to use the photography to promote the project in publications, marketing materials, and any Shaw website. 选中此框,即表明本人同意 Shaw 将项目照片用于其公司刊物、营销材料和任何 Shaw 网站上的设计项目推广。 En cochant cette case, je permets à Shaw d'utiliser les photos pour promouvoir le projet dans des publications, sur du matériel publicitaire ou sur tout site Web de Shaw. Al marcar esta casilla, yo acepto permitir a Shaw que utilice el material fotográfico para promocionar el proyecto en las publicaciones, materiales de marketing y cualquier sitio web de Shaw. Ao marcar esta caixa, eu concordo em permitir que a Shaw use as fotografias para promover o projeto em publicações, materiais de marketing e qualquer site da Shaw.

    Please provide photographer name and contact information. 请提供摄影师的姓名和联系信息。 Veuillez fournir le nom et les coordonnées du photographe. Proporcione el nombre y la información de contacto del fotógrafo. Forneça o nome e as informações de contato do fotógrafo.

    Name 姓名 Nom Nombre Nome
    *Phone *电话 *Numéro de Téléphone *Teléfono *Telefone
    If you have any questions about the Design is...Award, contact Julie Beth Fisher at 若对"设计诠释"竞赛有任何疑问,请电邮 或致电 联系 Alicia Ariza Si vous avez des questions concernant le prix Design is..., veuillez communiquer avec Alicia Ariza à Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el premio Design is..., comuníquese con Alicia Ariza a Caso tenha qualquer dúvida sobre o Prêmio Design is..., entre em contato com Alicia Ariza,

    Design Award Video