Eco Solution Q

Eco Solution Q premium branded nylon is cradle to cradle certified and can be recycled into more Eco Solution Q, again and again. It contains 45% recycled content*, utilizing an average of 40 million pounds of recycled content annually. Using caprolactam processed through the Evergreen Nylon Recycling Facility uses 40% less energy than fiber made exclusively with virgin caprolactam.

Requiring 18% less energy to make than nylon 6,6, it's efficient too. And, with one the largest DPFs (denier per filament) in the industry at 24, as well the strongest tensile strength, Eco Solution Q offers exceptional performance. It's what you should expect from a manufacturer that understands the demands placed on commercial carpet.

*Recycled content is based on allocated nylon fiber from Shaw's total nylon fiber production and determined as a percent of total Eco Solution Q output. Actual recycled content in this product will likely vary.

Evergreen Carpet Recycling Video

> See how Eco Solution Q is recycled at our Evergreen Nylon Recycling Facility