Shaw leads the industry in carpet reclamation, taking back more than 100 million pounds of post-consumer carpet annually. Among our reclamation efforts is an environmental guarantee on every EcoWorx-backed product for free pick-up and recycling.


Guaranteed reclamation and recycling.

EcoWorx backed products come with an environmental guarantee for free reclamation and recycling. Every EcoWorx tile or broadloom product is printed with a 1-800 number on the back to facilitate the return of the product at the end of its useful life at no cost to the customer. Because EcoWorx is made with materials that are safe for infinite lifecycles and holds its value, we want it back. Once it is returned, it becomes the raw material for new product.

Continental US and Canada Guarantee:
Shaw will take back 500 yards or greater of EcoWorx material at no cost to you.

Alaska, Hawaii and Mexico Guarantee:
Shaw will take back 5,000 yards or greater of EcoWorx material at no cost to you.

International Guarantee:
Shaw will take back 5,000 yards or greater of EcoWorx material from any international port at no cost to you.

For complete terms and conditions or to schedule a pick-up, call 800-509-7429.

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Evergreen Carpet Recycling

Innovation and investment in fiber recycling.

Shaw’s Evergreen facilities lead the industry in post-consumer carpet recycling. Adding to the fiber recycling capabilities of our Evergreen August operation, Evergreen Ringgold will be operation in 2015, offering a solution for all carpet fiber types- Nylon 6, Nylon 6,6 and PET. The Evergreen facilities will create a high purity post-consumer recycled material that can be used in a broad range of applications from carpet to raw material for other industries.

Reclaim to Energy (Re2E)

Fueling the reclamation network and our facilities, we turn carpet into energy.

The Shaw Reclaim-to-Energy (Re2E) facility is fueled by reclaimed carpet materials from both internal manufacturing operations and post-consumer carpet collections. Re2E converts up to 84 million pounds of reclaimed carpet materials into steam and electricity each year.

In addition to supplying power to our manufacturing operations, Re2E helps fuel the industry reclamation network, providing a solution for reclaimed carpet from other manufacturers that is unsuitable for processing through our Evergreen and EcoWorx recycling facilities.


We turn soda bottles into carpet fiber.

Using PET beverage bottles, Clear Path recycles 160 million pounds annually into carpet fiber. This saves 1.9 trillion BTUs of energy each year compared to manufacturing solely from virgin materials. That’s enough primary energy to power more than 20,000 U.S. homes per year.